My name is Kate Healy and I consider myself as a mixed media artist.
Constantly inspired by most things around me, I have grown to develop skills in  illustration, photography and sculpture to express myself and my interests. 

During my 3 years of studying illustration at University of West England in Bristol, we were asked to define our brand, our style but most of all what we enjoy creating.
What I enjoy the most is discovering and learning about different mediums and techniques used to produce art as well as meeting other creatives.
 From then on, I realised that I have always been drawn to the general title of mixed media artist, so why not embrace it?

For now, I can say that my illustration style gravitates towards editorial, reportage and fictional illustration.
My 3D creations would be described as experimental; using a wide range of mediums such as clay, aluminium or copper, however stained glass has become my main expertise. 
As for my photography, it is an outlet for my filming/editing passion that loosly falls into the genre of documenting life moments, travels and social events.



I welcome you to discover my world of wonder to which you can also explore in more depth through my instagram accounts:

@katie_hly_art (illustration) 

@katie_hly_3d (3Dcreations)

@k.t.h.l.y (photography)

As well as visit my online shop.



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